Our Approach

We work with our clients in a true coaching relationship. Everyone knows the benefits of having a great coach in your corner. Someone who truly believes in your infinite possibilitiy to achieve your dreams and be the best version of you! We are 100% in your corner, coaching you and guiding you to your desired outcome! 99% support is 100% sabotage! That’s why we guarantee you 100% support!

Our Story

We began our journey when our founder, your coach, Bryan Dobler was a competitive professional athlete in the sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing. He became a champion and realized his calling was to help others achieve that same dream. After coaching athletes for 25 years he realized that everyone could benefit from having a great coach to help them achieve their championship life. Remaster Your Mind Success Coaching is simply the next logical evolution of the coaching mentality that brought out many champions in the ring and in life. You deserve the knowledge of a true coach and champion in your corner helping you reach your dreams!


Bryan “Double Dose” Dobler (Top and Center Left)

Bryan Dobler currently runs and operates one of the largest most successful Muay Thai Gyms in California. He has a passion for teaching success. He has trained 1,000’s of people including celebrities, high profile U.S. Federal government law enforcement officers and military personnel. His vitae also includes a strong tenure as a coach and leader in the community. ┬áHe continues to teach and train students at his gym as well as anyone that truly desires to excel in life outside the ring, and he does it with a passion to build champions!


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